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Oklahoma is a state of rich Native American past and is situated in the Great Plains region of America. It has more miles of original Route 66 road-bed left than any other state and is included in the high risk area known as "Tornado Alley".

Oklahoma has over 50 national and state parks and a large network of wildlife preserves and conservation areas. The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is the oldest National Wildlife Refuge in the United States. Here you can view over 50 mammals, 240 birds, 64 reptiles and amphibians, 36 fish, and 806 plant species thriving. The mountains here are older than the Rockies and although appear to some extent to be worn down and ancient, they are majestic and breathtakingly beautiful.

Oklahoma City is the capital and is home to several buildings designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright and the The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Oklahoma offers education, entertainment and a multitude of tourist attractions.

Places of interest: