Wooden garden shed


Sheds can come in various shapes, sizes and styles, and often come in kitset form!

They can be time-consuming and frustrating to put together if you haven’t built one before.   Luckily for you, our Assemblers have a lot of experience in putting together all kinds of sheds, covering assembly of large garden sheds, cabins, playhouses and many more - you name it, we assemble it!

It is also always a good idea to make sure your site is suitable for a shed. Use our quick site guide (click here) to see the considerations, all which can be compensated for with our assembly expertise.

So weather you have bought your shed from your local Mitre10, Bunnings or Placemakers store, online through Gubba, or direct from the Manufacturer ... we can come and assemble it for you.

All assembly costs can be found by searching below by entering the make and model of the shed you have purchased. All our prices include GST and we even take away the rubbish when we are done!

Things to consider for your Shed assembly ...

1. Clear Access

Obstacle free site - Are there any restrictions limiting assemblers movements?

2. Flat & Level?

If not flat & level, often doors will not open/close properly due to the walls being twisted out of shape by the unlevel floor.

3. Confined Space?

For any product that we assemble outdoors we have to have a 500mm space all around the product.

4. Secure & Fasten

The surface your shed will be fixed to will determine the hardware (bolts) required to secure it.

We assemble sheds from these great suppliers (and more) ...

Here's some of our epic shed assemblies

Dreaming of a Garden Shed

Garden sheds, those charming little structures tucked away in the corner of a backyard, hold a special place in the hearts of green-thumbed enthusiasts and outdoor lovers alike. These unassuming yet versatile buildings serve as havens for gardening tools, potting supplies, and everything in between. With their quaint appearance and practicality, they exude a rustic charm that complements any garden landscape.

Assembling a garden shed is an adventure that begins with a sense of anticipation and curiosity. Unboxing the pieces, the scent of freshly cut wood wafts through the air, evoking memories of forests and nature's embrace. The task may seem daunting at first, but it soon becomes a gratifying endeavor, akin to piecing together a well-crafted puzzle. Following the instructions step by step, each part finds its place, forming the walls, roof, and floor of the shed. There is a sense of accomplishment with each bolt tightened, knowing that this structure will soon become an integral part of the garden's story.

As the shed begins to take shape, one can't help but envision the future possibilities it holds. Rows of gardening tools neatly organized on hooks, shelves laden with seed packets waiting to be sown, and a cozy corner for a chair to sit and admire the fruits of one's labor. The assembly process not only constructs a physical space but also plants seeds of inspiration and creativity in the gardener's mind. In the end, the sweat and effort expended in assembling the shed serve as a testament to the dedication and love for nurturing the green oasis outside one's doorstep.

Shed assembly made easy ... see in time lapse video

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