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Kitset furniture is designed to be easy to assemble, but ask anyone who has ever been faced with building a kitset and chances are that's not what they'll say!

Many customers don't have the time, tools, or willingness to assemble their new furniture. It takes a particular person to make sense of multiple wooden pieces, what seems like randomly drilled holes and a handful of screws to hold it all together. And not to mention the Allen key... where on earth did that go? In 2017, we saw a gap in the market. Consumers in large retail stores started asking if someone would assemble their shed or BBQ for a quick couple of hundred dollars. A few local jobs and happy customers later - Kitset Assembly Services was born.

We provide our customers with a fast, quality and timely service that allows them to save time and reduce the stress and frustration caused by kitset furniture. Now operating in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, Kitset Assembly Services, is changing the perception of those hard to build kitset products. Kitset Assembly Services is now a  multi-national franchise that's revolutionising the way people experience kitset products.