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Ohio is a state of generally flat terrain that gradually gets hillier as you travel east and southeast toward the Allegheny and Appalachian mountain ranges. The state offers a national park (Cuyahoga Valley), a national forest (Wayne), a number of National Wildlife Refuges. The great Lake Erie and the Ohio River are accessible and frequented, as are a multitude of scenic and festive islands in Lake Erie. Beaches line the lakes edge and recreational activities include wineries, restaurants, bars, marinas, banquet facilities and various resorts.

Ohio is named the "Buckeye State" due to the massive number of Ohio Buckeye trees. A fusion of cultures, lifestyles and ethnicities can be found in the capital city of Columbus. The City of Akron, formerly known as the Rubber Capital, has evolved from the world's tire manufacturing hub to a high-tech Polymers Research Centre, and is now named the Polymer Capital. Akron is also popular tourist spot because of the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum, Art Museums, Galleries and Zoos. One of the World's most successful breeding zoos can be found in Cincinnati, and an impressive collection of African, Asian, and Islamic art resides in the Cincinnati Art Museum.

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