Fast Car Beds - Australian Retail Partner

Endree and his wife were searching for car beds, for their three kids, when they noticed a gap in the market - all they found were everyday timber and plywood car beds.  They wanted to give their kids something to remember and enjoy, so they researched for months to find a car bed that was as close to the real thing as possible. After finding a renowned medical plastics manufacturer in Europe, they presented the first concept car bed to their son - his reaction was priceless.  So overwhelmed by his response, the couple began their journey to provide amazing racing car beds to children, all across Australia. These car beds are not only available in fabulous colours, styles and shapes - they also feature LED headlights, wheel lights and side mirror lights!  We’re very proud to be partnered with such a unique retailer; kids will be beyond excited to see their car beds fully assembled, and ready to drive away!