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Business Opportunity - Become A Retail Partner

The kitset furniture industry is growing exponentially.

All the while as consumers become ever more reluctant to assemble their furniture and demand a higher level of convenience in the 21st century.  We understand that services are not part of your core retail business and this global trend is a challenge for retailers, like yourself.  Over the past four years Kitset Assembly Services has developed, implemented and refined a business model that's made specifically to support large format retail stores in extending their reach and services into the customer's home and winning business through valuable customer experience.

It's a simple, yet highly systemised environment for skilled technicians to operate within, allowing efficiencies, sharing of knowledge, techniques and a secret recipe that leads to your customers being delighted. We recognise that consumerism is changing.  It's changing faster than ever before.

With younger generations moving further away from the concept of DIY and consumers demanding more convenience in their everyday lives; pressure is mounting on retail companies to create and deliver a more convenient and affordable service offer.  We have been remodeling the industry from old and unproductive, to customer-centric and have worked to create a customer experience, that organically fueled our growth, with a win/win strategy.  Kitset Assembly Services, under the Kitset Global umbrella, has developed a franchise network with a reach across multiple countries.  We've helped some of the world’s largest retail brands to restructure their service, offering a high level of customer experience that keeps their customers coming back.  If you’d like to learn more about our partnership opportunities, we’d love to chat.

If you would like to learn more about our business opportunities and partnerships, give us a call today!