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Make Time For Life

Is there a piece of kitset furniture all boxed up, sitting in your spare room, just waiting to be put together?  

If you're struggling to find the time and motivation to assemble it, no worries - we have your back!  Aside from priding ourselves with the work we do, we love that our work gives our customers back their precious weekends, time with their families or moments to sit down, read a book and relax.

Assembling kitset furniture can be a massive task for anyone who hasn't assembled an item before.  Complex wardrobe systems and large sheds can sometimes take hours, if not days, to assemble, particularly when you haven't had previous experience.  Our highly skilled and professional Assemblers have done this many times before - they'll make it look easy! Instead of spending hours with sweat dripping from your brow, grinding your teeth or yelling at your partner, leave the troublesome work to the professionals.  Make time for life and the things you enjoy most.  Go on, get out there - there's a life to be lived!